Waste’s Translations

“Waste’s translations: Estuaries, marine life, and the chemistry of Mumbai’s dumping grounds.” American Ethnologist 48, no. 4 (2021): 337-356. Abstract Mumbai’s dumping grounds, located on the city’s estuarine edge, are sites where garbage and marsh are turned into salable land. This process of translating waste into land depends on keeping matter, beings, and landscapes separate and…

Remembering the River

“Remembering the river: Flood, memory and infrastructural ecologies of stormwater drainage in Mumbai.”  Urban Studies 59, no. 9 (2022): 1855-1871. Text published on the Urban Studies Blog Link to the article On 26 July 2005, about a meter of rain fell in the city of Mumbai over the course of one day. The flood that resulted…


Chapter in  A Lexicon for an Anthropocene Unseen. Edited by Anand Pandian and Cymene Howe. Punctum Books. From the publisher’s webpage:   “The idea of the Anthropocene often generates an overwhelming sense of abjection or apathy. It occupies the imagination as a set of circumstances that counterpose individual human actors against ungraspable scales and impossible odds.…